Applied Algebra Group at the University of Zürich


Twisted Reed-Solomon Codes

Prof. Dr. Johan Rosenkilde's talk
Date: 27.03.19   Time: 15.00 - 16.00   Room: Y27H28

Twisted Reed-Solomon codes are a new family of codes coming from the evaluation of "twisted polynomials": degree (k-1)-polynomials added with a few high-degree terms whose coefficients depend on the first k coefficients. This usually won't lead to an MDS code, so the principal game is to devise ways of choosing these parameters so the resulting codes are MDS. The construction was originally inspired by Sheekey's twisted Gabidulin codes, but is much more general and uses different techniques for proving the MDS-property. We present some infinite families of twisted RS codes which are MDS, and we discuss some properties of the family of twisted RS codes. We then go on to discuss some preliminary results on the decoding of twisted RS codes.