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Preprint Serie des Jahres 2013
Nr. Preprint
01-2013R. Hiptmair, M. López Fernández, A. Paganini
Fast Convolution Quadrature Based Impedance Boundary Conditions
02-2013M. Eigel, T. Samrowski
Functional a posteriori error estimation for stationary convection-diffusion problems
03-2013A. S. Cattaneo, B. Dherin, A. Weinstein
Integration of Lie algebroid comorphisms
04-2013T. Koornwinder, S. Sauter
The Intersection of Bivariate Orthogonal Polynomials on Triangle Patches
05-2013A. S. Cattaneo, C. A. Rossi, C. Torossian
Biquantization of symmetric pairs and the quantum shift
06-2013S. Sauter, A. Veit
Adaptive Time Discretization for Retarded Potentials
07-2013B. Grébert, T. Kappeler
The defocusing NLS equation and its normal form
08-2013A. S. Cattaneo
Coisotropic submanifolds and dual pairs
09-2013S. Falletta, S. Sauter
Functional Estimates for Derivatives of the Modified Bessel Function K_0 and related Exponential Functions