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Preprint Serie des Jahres 2009
Nr. Preprint
01-2009D. Peterseim, S. Sauter
Finite element methods for the Stokes problem on complicated domains
02-2009C. De Lellis, D. Tasnady
The existence of embedded minimal hypersurfaces (Updated version)
03-2009F. Schätz
Invariance of the BFV-complex
04-2009F. Schätz
Moduli of coisotropic sections and the BFV-complex
05-2009M. Brodmann, P. Schenzel
Projective curves with maximal regularity and applications to syzygies and surfaces
06-2009A. S. Cattaneo, G. Felder, Th. Willwacher
On L_\infty-morphisms of cyclic chains
07-2009S. Conti, C. De Lellis, L. Székelyhidi Jr.
h-Principle and Rigidity for C^(1,\alpha) Isometric Embeddings (Updated version)
08-2009A. S. Cattaneo, B. Dherin, A. Weinstein
Symplectic Microgeometry I: Micromorphisms
09-2009J.M. Melenk, S. Sauter
Wave-Number Explicit Convergence Analysis for Galerkin Discretizations of the Helmholtz Equation (extended version)
10-2009A. S. Cattaneo, P. Mnev
Remarks on Chern-Simons Invariants
11-2009S. I. Repin, S. Sauter
Computable estimates of the modeling error related to Kirchhoff-Love plate model
12-2009H. Bursztyn, A. S. Cattaneo, R. A. Mehta, M. Zambon
The Frobenius Theorem for Graded Manifolds and Applications in Graded Symplectic Geometry
13-2009D. Braess, S. Sauter, C. Schwab
On the Justification of Plate Models
14-2009E. Spadaro
Complex Varieties and Higher Integrability of Dir-Minimizing Q-Valued Functions
15-2009C. De Lellis, M. Focardi, E. Spadaro
Lower Semicontinuous Functionals for Almgren's Multiple Valued Functions (Updated version)
16-2009C. De Lellis, E. Spadaro
Higher Integrability and Approximation of Minimal Currents (Updated version)
17-2009A. Barbour, S.N. Socoll
Local limit approximations for Markov population processes
18-2009A. Barbour, S.N. Socoll
Translated Poisson Approximation to Equilibrium Distributions of Markov Population Processes
19-2009A. Barbour, D. Heinzmann, P. R. Torgerson
Compound processes as models for clumped parasite data
20-2009A. Barbour, S. Janson
A functional combinatorial central limit theorem
21-2009A. Barbour
Univariate approximations in the infinite occupancy scheme
22-2009M. Cicalese, E. Spadaro, C. I. Zeppieri
Asymptotic analysis of a second-order singular perturbation model for phase transitions
23-2009E. Kowalski, A. Nikeghbali
Mod-Poisson convergence in probability and number theory
24-2009J. Najnudel, A. Nikeghbali
A new construction of the $\sigma$-finite measures associated with submartingales of class $(\Sigma)$