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Preprint Serie des Jahres 2007
Nr. Preprint
01-2007T. H. Colding, C. De Lellis, W. P. Minicozzi II
Three Circles Theorems for Schrödinger Operators on Cylindrical Ends and Geometric Applications Updated version
02-2007A. Poliakovsky
Sharp Upper Bounds for a Singular Perturbation Problem related to Micromagnetics
03-2007A. Poliakovsky
A General Technique to prove Upper Bounds for Singular Perturbation Problems
04-2007L. Banjai, W. Hackbusch
Hierarchical matrix techniques for low and high frequency Helmholtz problems
05-2007L. Banjai
Revisiting the crowding phenomenon in Schwarz-Christoffel mapping
06-2007C. De Lellis
Ordinary Differential Equations with Rough Coefficients and the Renormalization Theorem of Ambrosio [d’après Ambrosio, DiPerna, Lions]
07-2007C. De Lellis, L. Székelyhidi Jr.
The Euler Equations as a Differential Inclusion Updated version
08-2007I. Babuska, S. Sauter
Efficient Solution of Anisotropic Lattice Equations by the Recovery Method
09-2007F. Lihr, T. Preusser, M. Rumpf, S. Sauter, O. Schwen
Composite Finite Elements for 3D Image Based Computing
10-2007L. Banjai, S. Sauter
Rapid solution of the wave equation in unbounded domains
11-2007S. Boissière, E. Mann, F. Perroni
A Model for the Orbifold Chow Ring of Weighted Projective Spaces
12-2007F. Perroni
A Note on Toric Deligne-Mumford Stacks
13-2007A. S. Cattaneo
Deformation Quantization and Reduction
14-2007A. Poliakovsky
On a Variational Approach to the Navier-Stokes Equations
15-2007E. Spadaro
Non-Uniqueness of Minimizers for Strictly Polyconvex Functionals
16-2007R. Robyr
SBV regularity of entropy solutions for a class of genuinely nonlinear scalar balance laws with non-convex flux function
17-2007S. Sauter
Finite Elements for Elliptic Eigenvalue Problems: Error estimates which are explicit with respect to $\lambda$, h and p
18-2007A. Beliakova, I. Bühler, T. Le
Unified SO(3) quantum invariant for rational homology 3-Spheres
19-2007D. Peterseim, S. Sauter
The Composite Mini Element - Coarse Mesh Computation of Stokes Flows on Complicated Domains
20-2007A. S. Cattaneo, M. Zambon
Coisotropic Embeddings in Poisson Manifolds
21-2007E. De Negri, E. Gorla
G-Biliaison of Ladder Pfaffian Varieties
22-2007E. Gorla
A generalized Gaeta’s Theorem
23-2007L. Banjai, S. Börm, S. Sauter
FEM for Elliptic Eigenvalue Problems: How Coarse Can the Coarsest Mesh be Chosen? An Experimental Study.
24-2007A. Barbour, V. Cekanavicius, A. Xia
On Stein's method and perturbations