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Preprint Serie des Jahres 2001
Nr. Preprint
01-2001E. Bolthausen, A. Sznitman
On the static and dynamic points of views for certain random walks in random environment
02-2001T. Kappeler, S. Kuksin, V. Schroeder
Perturbations of the harmonic map equation
03-2001M. Brodmann
Cohomological invariants of coherent sheaves over projective schemes - a survey
04-2001A. Barbour, O. Chryssaphinou
Compound Poisson approximation: a user's guide
05-2001A. Barbour, M. Månsson
Compound Poisson process approximation
06-2001A. Barbour, V. Schmidt
On Laslett's Transform for the Boolean Model
07-2001A. Barbour, V. Cekanavicius
Total variation asymptotics for sums of independent integer random variables
08-2001A. Barbour, G. Reinert
Small worlds
09-2001M. Brodmann, A. Lashgari
A diagonal bound for cohomological postulation numbers of projective schemes
10-2001C. Carstensen, S. Sauter
A posteriori error analysis for elliptic PDEs on domains with complicated structures
11-2001S. Sauter, N. Frauböse
Composite Finite Elements and Multi-Grid. Part I: Convergence Theory in 1-d
12-2001M. Brodmann, M. Hellus
Cohomological patterns of coherent sheaves over projective schemes
13-2001Th. Foertsch, V. Schroeder
Minkowski- Versus Euclidean Rank for Products of Metric Spaces
14-2001A. Barbour, A. Xia
The number of two dimensional maxima