Institute of Mathematics

Lecture courses/details

Spring 22


10:15 - 12:00
Y27H46 Seats: 50

Exercise Classes

There is no exercise classes the first week.



Weekly homework sheets will be assigned.

Homeworks are due Fridays, 12:00pm.

Solultions should be uploaded electronically at

The students that get at least 20 (out of 30 points) in at least 10 homeworks will get 0.5 bonus for the final exam grade.



The exam is written and closed-book (no formula sheet).



The main reference for the course is:

  •  D. Marshall, Complex Analysis, Cambridge University Press

Other nice textbooks are

  • L. Ahlfors, Complex Analysis, Mc Graw Hill
  • J. Bak and D. Newman, Complex Analysis, Springer
  • J. Conway, Functions of one complex variable, Springer
  • T. Gamelin, Complex Analysis, Springer
  • H. A. Priestley, Complex Analysis, Oxford University Press
  • E. Stein and R. Shakarchi, Complex Analysis, Princeton University Press

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