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In diesem Semester findet das ausgewählte Seminar nicht statt
Hi everyone, You can find the topics of this seminar by the following link: You should choose one of the topics and give a talk about 1h30. If you are interested, you can choose the theme now. Please use the Doodle link: 1. No grade, only fails/passes 2. How to structure the talk, how close to the book, how many details do you need to fill-in? Basically, following the book. There are many materials in the book; you need to cover all Definitions, Propositions, Theorems, Properties (which will be used later.) But for the proof, if you don't have enough time, just give the main idea of the proof. Try to convince the audience. Draw pictures, we have the advantage in dimension one or two; things are concrete and easy to draw. The book is not written in a manner of definitions and theorems. You can rephrase the material using definitions and theorems. To improve the talk, you can try to explain the material to a friend or yourself, which helps you improve the talk. 3. Latex template for the written part. Write a summary of your talk. Don't copy the book. Try to use your language. The motivation, the principal results and a bit about the methods of the proofs of main results (Think about this can also be an excellent point to start preparing the talk). One page is sufficient. Time for hand in: before mid-May. (If you give the last few talks, you can submit them later.) I will correct it and send it back to you. The following is some link for the introduction of Latex This Friday ( Feb. 25), I will give an overview of this seminar and explain some topics. Because there are 14 talks planned, we need to find some extra time slots for some talks. We can discuss the time this Friday. One option is that we start later (perhaps end of March) and every Friday we have two talks from 13 h to 16 h. Best wishes, Jialun Li

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