Institut für Mathematik


Modul:   MAT076  Arbeitsgemeinschaft in Codierungstheorie und Kryptographie

On Sparseness of MRD codes and Semifields

Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Heide Gluesing-Luerssen

Datum: 25.09.19   Zeit: 15.00 - 16.00   Raum: UNINE, B217

In this talk I will discuss the proportion of MRD codes within the space of all rank-metric codes of the same dimension. More specifically, I will consider the asymptotic behavior of this proportion as the field size tends to infinity. It turns out that, for instance, [3x2;2]-MRD codes have an asymptotic proportion of 1/3. On the other hand, for [3x3;3]-MRD codes this asymptotic proportion is zero, and therefore we call this class of MRD codes sparse. The proof of the sparsity follows from a parametrization of 3-dimensional semifields by Menichetti (1973). I will discuss the relation between MRD codes and semifields and present the main steps of the proof.