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Modul:   MAT770  Oberseminar: Algebraische Geometrie

Nearby motivic sheaves of weighted equivariant functions

Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Florian Ivorra

Datum: 20.12.21  Zeit: 13.15 - 15.00  Raum:

(Joint work with Julien Sebag) Let X be a smooth variety (over a field of characteristic zero) endowed with a multiplicative action of the affine line. In this talk, I will prove that the nearby motivic sheaf functor of a weighted equivariant function on X commutes with direct images. I will also explain how this result provides a generalised functorial version of conjectures by Behrend-Bryan-Szendrői and Davison-Meinhardt that holds in the stable homotopy category of schemes. As a direct numerical consequence, we obtain a positive answer to the original conjectures of Behrend-Bryan-Szendrői and Davison-Meinhardt for virtual motives. <\br>

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