Institut für Mathematik


Modul:   MAT760  Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems Seminar

On the analogue of the Gauss circle problem for Cygan-Koranyi norm balls.

Vortrag von Yoav Gat

Datum: 07.11.19  Zeit: 16.30 - 17.30  Raum: Y13L11/13

In this talk, I shall present a generalization of the lattice point counting problem for Euclidean balls in the context of a certain type of homogeneous groups, the so-called Heisenberg groups. I will begin by describing the counting problem at hand, and how it relates to the Euclidean case both from the group-theoretic perspective as well as the analytic methods needed to tackle it. I shall then proceed by presenting the main results regarding the lattice point discrepancy for Heisenberg-dilates of the Cygan-Koranyi norm ball, and for the rest of the talk I will survey the various stages and metods which appear in the course of the proof of these results.