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Dr. Azat Gaynutdinov2017 - 2018
Dr. Krzysztof Putyra2016 - 2017
Dr. Benjamin Cooper2012 - 2014
Dr. Pedro Vaz2010 - 2011
Dr. Emmanuel Wagner2008
Dr. Majid Narimannejad2007 - 2008
Dr. Vincent Florens2005 - 2006
PhD Studenten
Genta Latifi2018 - 2021
Andres Fontalvo Orozco2017 - 2020
Dr. Konstantinos Karvounis2014 - 2018Braid Group Action on Projective Modules of Quantum sl(2) (2018)
Dr. Zaur Guliyev2013 - 2017Trace Functor and Categorified Quantum sl(n) (2017)
Dr. Tamara Tajara Widmer2009 - 2014Kirby Calculus for Null-Homotopic and Null-Homologous Framed Links in 3-Manifolds (2013)
Dr. Eva Gabriela Contreras2009 - 2014Spin Type Refinement of Finite Type and Quantum 3-Manifolds Invariants (2014)
Dr. Irmgard Bühler2005 - 2010Unified Quantum SO (3) and SU (2) Invariants for Rational Homology 3-Spheres (2010)
Dr. Jean-Marie Droz2005 - 2009Grid diagrams and Khovanov homology (2010)
Prof. Dr. Stephan Wehrli2004 - 2007Contributions to Khovanov homology (2007)
Master Studenten
Laura Walker2014   
Konstantinos Karvounis2013 - 2014 Casson-Walker-Lescop invariant from the Heegaard splitting of 3-manifolds by counting theta subgraphs
Maria Hempel2009  On odd Khovanov homology
Tamara Tajara Widmer2008  Quasi-Alternating Montesinos Links PDF 
Cristina Danzi2006 - 2007 On the colored Jones polynomial
Jean-Marie Droz2005  Algorithmic recognition of the unknot