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Dr. Florian Gerber



Personal Data
Date of birth: 13. Mai 1986
Citizenship: Langnau i.E. (BE), Switzerland
Partner: Angela Pfister

2017: PhD thesis defense, University of Zurich, CH
2013: MSc of Biostatistics, University of Zurich, CH
1010: BSc of Mathematics, Uni of Bern, CH
2006: Matura, Seeland Gymnasium Biel, CH

Professional Experience
2017–now: Postdoctoral research fellow
          Department of Mathematics, University of Zurich, CH
2013–2017: PhD candidate, research and teaching assistant
          Department of Mathematics, University of Zurich, CH
2012–2013: Junior Statistician
          Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Bern, CH
2011–2013: External statistical consultant
          Novartis Pharma AG, Basel, CH

See CV for further information.


(1) Predicting missing values in spatio-temporal satellite data

  • predictions are obtained with selecting subsets, sorting procedures, and quantile regression
  • the workload can be distributed to several computers
  • the method is available in the R package gapfill

F. Gerber, R. Furrer, G. Schaepman-Strub, R. de Jong, M. E. Schaepman.
Predicting Missing Values in Spatio-Temporal Satellite Data. arXiv, 2017

(2) 64-bit sparse matrices with the R package spam

  • spam and spam64 enables matrices with more than 2^31 non-zero elements
  • dotCall64 is an enhanced interface to link R with compiled code
  • spam64 was tested with a non-stationary spatial model

F. Gerber, K. Mösinger, R. Furrer. Extending R Packages to Support 64-bit Compiled Code: An Illustration with spam64 and GIMMS NDVI3g Data. Comput. Geosci., 2016

F. Gerber, K. Mösinger, R. Furrer. dotCall64: An Efficient Interface to Compiled C/C++ and Fortran Code Supporting Long Vectors. arXiv, 2017

(3) Bayesian inference and medical applications

  • assessment of inference methods for Bayesian hierarchical models
  • spatial models for areal count data
  • operating characteristics for Bayesian clinical trial designs

F. Gerber, R. Furrer. Pitfalls in the Implementation of Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling of Areal Count Data: An Illustration Using BYM and Leroux Models. J. Stat. Soft., 2015

T. Gsponer, F. Gerber, B. Bornkamp, D. Ohlssen, M. Vandemeulebroecke, H. Schmidli. Bayesian Group Sequential Designs for Clinical Trials and their Operating Characteristics. Pharmaceut. Statist., 2014

F. Gerber, T. Gsponer. gsbDesign: An R Package for Evaluating the Operating Characteristics of a Group Sequential Bayesian Design. J. Stat. Soft., 2016

More research projects of the Applied Statistics Group of Prof. Dr. R. Furrer


Peerreviewed publications

F. Gerber, R. de Jong, M. E. Schaepman, G. Schaepman-Strub, R. Furrer
Predicting Missing Values in Spatio-Temporal Remote Sensing Data
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 56(5), 2841 - 2853, 2018

F. Gerber, K. Mösinger, R. Furrer
Extending R Packages to Support 64-bit Compiled Code: An Illustration with spam64 and GIMMS NDVI3g Data
Computers & Geoscience, 2016

F. Gerber, T. Gsponer
gsbDesign: An R package for evaluating the operating characteristics of a group sequential Bayesian design
Journal of Statistical Software, 2016

S. Bartulic, F. Gerber, A. Wagner
Mistranslation drives the evolution of robustness in TEM-1 β-lactamase
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2015

F. Gerber, R. Furrer
Pitfalls in the implementation of Bayesian hierarchical modeling of areal count data. An illustration using BYM and Leroux models
Journal of Statistical Software, 2015

T. Bashir, C. Sailer, F. Gerber, N. Loganathan, B. Bhoopalan, C. Eichenberger, U. Grossniklaus, R. Ramamurthy
Hybridization alters spontaneous mutation rates in a parent-of-origin-dependent fashion in Arabidopsis thaliana
Plant Physiology, 2014

F. Gerber, F. Marty, G. Eijkel, K. Basler, E. Brunner, R. Furrer, R. Heeren
Multiorder correction algorithms to remove image distortions from mass spectrometry imaging data sets
Analytical Chemistry, 2013

G. Wandeler, F. Gerber, J. Rohr, B.H. Chi, C. Orrell, C. Chimbetete, H. Prozesky, A. Boulle, C. Hoffmann, T. Gsponer, M. Fox, F.X. , M. Egger, S.A. IeDEA
Tenofovir or zidovudine in second-line antiretroviral therapy after stavudine failure in southern Africa
Antiviral Therapy, 2013

T. Gsponer, F. Gerber, B. Bornkamp, D. Ohlssen, M. Vandemeulebroecke, H. Schmidli
Bayesian group sequential designs for clinical trials and their operating characteristics
Pharmaceutical Statistics, 2013

Preprints and technical reports

M. Heaton, A. Datta, A. Finley, R. Furrer, R. Guhaniyogi, F. Gerber, R. Gramacy, J. Guinness, D. Hammerling, M. Katzfuss, F. Lindgren, D. Nychka, F. Sun, A. Zammit-Mangion
A Case Study Competition among Methods for Analyzing Large Spatial Data
Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics, first online

Software available via   

F. Gerber, K. Mösinger, R. Furrer
dotCall64: An Efficient Interface to Compiled C/C++ and Fortran Code Supporting Long Vectors
arXiv, 2017

F. Gerber
MSc thesis (Biostatistics, University of Zurich, 2013): Disease mapping with the Besag-York-Mollié model applied to a cancer and a worm infections dataset

F. Gerber
BSc thesis (Mathematics, University of Bern, 2009): Erweiterungen von Moduln