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Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems Seminar
Menny Akka, Artur Avila, Manfred Einsiedler, Alexander Gorodnik, Cagri Sert, Corinna Ulcigrai, Fan Yang

Geometrie / Topologie I

Übungen Geometrie / Topologie I Gr1

Übungen Geometrie / Topologie I Gr2

Übungen Geometrie / Topologie I Gr3


Dr. Adam Kanigowski, University of Maryland (College Park)
11.07.22 - 14.07.22Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Selim Ghazouani, University of Warwick (Coventry)
21.06.22 - 02.07.22Ulcigrai, Corinna
Prof. Dr. Alfonso Sorrentino, (Rome)
Talk: On the persistence of periodic tori for symplectic twist maps
08.05.22 - 11.05.22Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Charles Fougeron, Université de Paris
02.05.22 - 13.05.22Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Charles Fougeron, Université de Paris
28.03.22 - 01.04.22Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Nicolas Matte Bon, Université Lyon 1
Talk: Locally moving groups acting on intervals
29.11.21 - 01.12.21Ulcigrai, Corinna
Simon Machado, University of Cambridge
Talk: Approximate lattices in higher rank simple Lie groups
24.10.21 - 29.10.21Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Davide Ravotti, University of Vienna (Vienna, Austria)
02.10.21 - 08.10.21Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Irene Pasquinelli, Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu (Paris)
Talk: Deligne-Mostow lattices: fundamental domains and line arrangements
15.10.20 - 22.10.20Ulcigrai, Corinna
Prof. Dr. Alexander Bufetov, Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille (Marseille, France)
Talk: e-Seminar: Spectral cocycle for substitutions
15.03.20 - 20.03.20Ulcigrai, Corinna
Prof. Dr. Jon Chaika, University of Utah
Talk: There exists a weakly mixing billiard in a polygon (Video seminar)
09.03.20 - 10.03.20Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Nishant Chandgotia , Hebrew University
04.03.20 - 06.03.20Ulcigrai, Corinna
Prof. Dr. Alex Eskin, University of Chicago (Chicago)
Talk: Exponential drift and character varieties
24.02.20 - 24.02.20Ulcigrai, Corinna
Or Landesberg, The Hebrew University (Jerusalem)
Talk: Horospherically invariant measures on geometrically infinite quotients
16.12.19 - 18.12.19Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Liviana Palmisano, Uppsala University (Sweden)
Talk: Coexistence of attractors and their stability
25.11.19 - 25.11.19Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Adam Kanigowski, University of Maryland (College Park)
25.10.19 - 25.10.19Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Wenyu Pan, University of Chicago (Chicago)
Talk: Kleinian Schottky groups, Patterson-Sullivan measures, and Fourier decay
15.10.19 - 19.10.19Ulcigrai, Corinna
Prof. Dr. Sophie Grivaux, CNRS, Lille (Lille)
Talk: Fourier coefficients of continuous measures on the Furstenberg sequence
14.10.19 - 14.10.19Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Irene Pasquinelli, Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu (Paris)
25.08.19 - 31.08.19Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Angel Pardo, Universidad de Chile (Santiago)
10.07.19 - 10.07.19Ulcigrai, Corinna
Prof. Dr. John Smillie, University of Warwick (Warwick)
28.06.19 - 30.06.19Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Davide Ravotti, University of Vienna (Vienna, Austria)
26.06.19 - 11.07.19Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Mauro Artigiani, Universidad de los Andes (Kolumbien)
24.06.19 - 06.07.19Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Paolo Giulietti, Centro de Giorgi (Pisa)
Talk: On Non-Linear Pseudo Anosov map and parabolic flows
23.06.19 - 30.06.19Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Selim Ghazouani, University of Warwick (Coventry)
04.06.19 - 07.06.19Ulcigrai, Corinna
Prof. Dr. Pascal Hubert, Aix Marseille Université
Talk: Tiling billiards
08.04.19 - 09.04.19Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Sasha Skripchenko, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia)
Talk: Cohomological equations for linear involutions
17.03.19 - 21.03.19Ulcigrai, Corinna
Barbara Schapira,
Talk: Regularity of entropy on non compact negatively curved manifolds
18.02.19 - 22.02.19Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Krzysztof Fraczek, Nicolaus Copernicus University (Torun)
Talk: Billiard flows in nibbled ellipses
07.01.19 - 12.01.19Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Adam Kanigowski, University of Maryland (College Park)
Talk: Bernoulli property for homogeneous systems
17.12.18 - 19.12.18Ulcigrai, Corinna
Prof. Dr. Jean-François Quint, CNRS - Université de Bordeaux (Talence Cedex, France)
Talk: Complementary series
10.12.18 - 11.12.18Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Michael Bromberg, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
09.12.18 - 18.12.18Ulcigrai, Corinna
Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Breuillard, (Cambridge)
Talk: The joint spectrum
03.12.18 - 03.12.18Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Przemyslaw Berk, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
28.11.18 - 05.12.18Ulcigrai, Corinna
Prof. Dr. Tanja Eisner, University of Leipzig (Leipzig)
Talk: Weighted Ergodic Theorems
26.11.18 - 26.11.18Ulcigrai, Corinna
Dr. Lucia Dora Simonelli , ICTP (International Centre for Theoretical Physics) (Trieste, ITALY)
Talk: Resonances of Nilmanifold Automorphisms and Properties of Nilflows
12.11.18 - 18.11.18Ulcigrai, Corinna
Prof. Dr. Giovanni Forni, University of Maryland (College Park, USA (currently in Paris))
Talk: On twisted translation flows
15.10.18 - 17.10.18Ulcigrai, Corinna
Prof. Dr. Martin Möller, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt (Frankfurt )
Talk: Siegel-Veech constants and intersection numbers on moduli space
01.10.18 - 02.10.18Ulcigrai, Corinna