Institute of Mathematics


Fall 20 Fall 21

Guest Speaker
FS22/MAT076Recursive Towers over Finite Fields25.05.2022Alp Bassa
HS21/MAT076Error-Correcting Group Testing and Residuation Theory on Boolean Lattices08.12.2021M. Greferath
HS21/MAT076Information-Theoretic Tradeoffs in Distributed Hypothesis Testing24.11.2021Michele Wigger
HS21/MAT076A Unifying Framework to Construct QC-LDPC Tanner Graphs of Desired Girth17.11.2021R. Smarandache
HS21/MAT076Coding for packet erasure channels10.11.2021Margreta Kuijper
HS21/MAT076Linear sets in coding theory03.11.2021Ferdinando Zullo
FS21/MAT076eSeminar: Bounds on List Decoding of Linearized Reed-Solomon Codes26.05.2021Sven Puchinger
FS21/MAT076eSeminar: The Sparseness of MRD Codes24.03.2021A. Ravagnani