The Bachelors course

The Bachelors course gives the student a solid grounding in mathematics, and develops the ability to think logically and scientifically. It culminates in the "Bachelor of Science in Mathematics" (BSc). 180 credit points (modules) are needed to obtain the degree. The recommended duration of the course is 6 semesters. There is no Bachelors thesis.


The Bachelors degree should not necessarily be thought of as a professional qualification. It should rather be thought of as the first step to a Masters degree, perhaps to be taken at another university or in another discipline.

--> Master of Science in Mathematics

--> Master in Computational Biology & Bioinformatics


The Bachelors degree in mathematics includes a minor subject. This can be chosen at will from any minor subject offered at the University (apart from mathematics itself) which carries at least 45 credit points. Applications to be allowed to follow a minor subject given at another university may be made to the Dean of Studies.


In order to complete the Bachelors course within the recommended time, the minor subject should be begun in the first semester.


The Bachelors degree carries a grade. The grade is the average of the marks obtained in the individual modules, weighted according to their credit points. The marks for major and minor subjects appear separately on the certificate. The weighted average is rounded up to the next 1/10 of a mark. Students must send an application to the Dean of Studies in order to obtain the degree. The necessary documents are listed in the "Anmeldung für die Erteilung des Bachelorgrades". If all the conditions have been met, and if the application is made more than 3 weeks before a faculty meeting, the degree will be awarded at that meeting; otherwise, at the next one.


Detailed information is to be found in the "Studienordnung für das Studium in den Bachelor- und Masterstudiengängen an der Mathematisch-naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität Zürich vom 1. Juli 2004" and in the "Wegleitung zum Studium der Mathematik".