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Stephanie Meier-Rohr, Institut für Mathematik, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
19.12.13 - 20.12.13Sauter, Stefan
Prof. Dr. Camilla Hollanti, Aalto University (Aalto, Finland)
18.12.13 - 20.12.13Rosenthal, Joachim
Prof. Dr. Stanislav Antontsev, University of Lisbon (Lisbon)
Talk: A class of electromagnetic p(x; t)-curl systems: existence, uniqueness, blow-up.
17.12.13 - 20.12.13Chipot, Michel
Dr. Leander Geisinger, Princeton University (Princeton)
Talk: Localization and delocalization in the Anderson model on random regular graphs
17.12.13 - 18.12.13Institut für Mathematik,
Prof. Dr. Wushi Goldring, Stockholm University (Stockholm )
Talk: The limits of algebraicity: Galois, Hodge and representation theory
17.12.13 - 18.12.13Institut für Mathematik,
Dr. Faruk Gologlu, University College Dublin (Dublin)
Talk: Some polynomials over finite fields and their applications in coding theory and cryptography
17.12.13 - 19.12.13Institut für Mathematik,
Dr. Marius Hofert, Technische Universität München (Bonn)
Talk: Nested Archimedean copulas: Statistical and computational challenges
17.12.13 - 18.12.13Institut für Mathematik,
Lars Kühne, SNS Pisa (Pisa)
Talk: Special points in diophantine and arithmetic geometry
17.12.13 - 18.12.13Institut für Mathematik,
Prof. Dr. Gunther Cornelissen, University of Utrecht (Utrecht)
Talk: Dynamical systems, point counting and reconstruction of curves
16.12.13 - 17.12.13Kresch, Andrew
Prof. Dr. Nicola Guglielmi, University of L'Aquila (L'Aquila)
16.12.13 - 04.03.14Sauter, Stefan
Dr. Benjamin Matschke, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics (Bonn)
Talk: Discrete versus continuous - topics in equivariant topology, discrete geometry, and number theory
16.12.13 - 18.12.13Institut für Mathematik,
Dr. Deepam Patel, IHES (Bures Sur Yvette)
Talk: Towards Weak Lefschetz theorems for Chow groups
16.12.13 - 18.12.13Institut für Mathematik,
Prof. Dr. Andrei Teleman, Aix-Marseille Université (Marseille)
16.12.13 - 20.12.13Okonek, Christian
Dr. Peter M. Topping, University of Warwick (Coventry)
Talk: Regularity theory for the Teichmueller harmonic map flow
16.12.13 - 17.12.13De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Xue-Mei Li, Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick (Coventry CV4 7AL)
Talk: Stochastic flows and Derivative flows for SDE with irregular coefficients
11.12.13 - 12.12.13Bertoin, Jean
Dr. Alberto Maspero, SISSA (Trieste)
11.12.13 - 13.12.13Kappeler, Thomas
Prof. Dr. Jesús Maria Sanz Serna, University of Valladolid (Valladolid)
Talk: New uses of B-series
11.12.13 - 13.12.13Sauter, Stefan
Dr. Ulrich Derenthal, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (München)
Talk: Strong approximation and descent
09.12.13 - 10.12.13Kresch, Andrew
Prof. Dr. Filippo Cagnetti, University of Sussex (Brighton)
Talk: The rigidity problem for symmetrization inequalities
08.12.13 - 12.12.13De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Mikyoung Jun, Department of Statistics, Texas A & M University (College Station)
05.12.13 - 07.12.13Furrer, Reinhard
Jose M. Arrieta, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Madrid)
Talk: Spectral behavior of higher order operators under perturbation of the domain
04.12.13 - 06.12.13Sauter, Stefan
Prof. Dr. Gregory Seregin, University of Oxford (Oxford)
Talk: Liouville type theorems for Navier-Stokes equations
04.12.13 - 06.12.13Chipot, Michel
Dr. Rostyslav Kozhan, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm)
03.12.13 - 09.12.13Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Prof. Dr. Kazuo Habiro, RIMS (Kyoto)
01.12.13 - 16.12.13Beliakova, Anna
Dr. Norbert Hoffmann, Mary Immaculate College (Limerick)
Talk: Rational families of instanton bundles on P^{2n+1}
01.12.13 - 02.12.13Kresch, Andrew
Prof. Dr. Alois Panholzer, Institut für Diskrete Mathematik und Geometrie, Technische Universität Wien (Wien)
Talk: Analytic combinatorics approaches to study discrete stochastic processes
27.11.13 - 28.11.13Bertoin, Jean
Prof. Dr. Ioannis Platis, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Crete (Heraklion Crete)
27.11.13 - 27.11.13Schroeder, Viktor
Prof. Dr. James Robinson, University of Warwick (Warwick)
Talk: Gaussian lower bounds on the Dirichlet heat kernel and blowup of nonlinear heat equations with Osgood-type nonlinearities
25.11.13 - 29.11.13Chipot, Michel
Dr. Dirk Zeindler, Lancaster University (Lancaster)
25.11.13 - 25.11.13Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Dr. Neshan Wickramasekera, University of Cambridge (Cambridge)
Talk: New estimates for multi-valued harmonic functions and branched minimal immersions
24.11.13 - 27.11.13De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Michael Cranston, Department of Mathematics, University of California, Irvine (Irvine, USA)
23.11.13 - 28.11.13Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Dr. Deepam Patel, IHES (Bures Sur Yvette)
Talk: Motivic Structures on Higher homotopy of P^{n} minus n+2 hyperplanes in general position
23.11.13 - 26.11.13Ayoub, Joseph
Dr. Ozgur Ceyhan, Université de Montréal (Montréal, Canada)
19.11.13 - 22.11.13Willwacher, Thomas
Prof. Dr. Eduard Feireisl, Charles University (Prag)
18.11.13 - 22.11.13De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Roberto Monti, Universita' di Padova (Padova)
Talk: The regularity problem for H-minimal surface
18.11.13 - 19.11.13De Lellis, Camillo
Karene Ka Yin Chu, MIT (Cambridge)
17.11.13 - 30.11.13Beliakova, Anna
Prof. Dr. Sergey I. Repin, V.A. Steklov Institute of Mathematics at St. Petersburg (St. Peterburg)
Talk: Poincare type estimates for functions with zero mean on the boundary and applications to quantitative analysis of PFEs
15.11.13 - 23.12.13Sauter, Stefan
Dr. Alberto Maspero, SISSA (Trieste)
14.11.13 - 15.11.13Kappeler, Thomas
Alicija Eismontaite, Vilnius University (Vilnius)
12.11.13 - 16.11.13Chipot, Michel
Prof. Dr. Ezra Getzler, Department of Mathematics, Northwestern University (Evanston)
Talk: Higher groupoids
12.11.13 - 13.11.13Kresch, Andrew
Dr. Kristina Kaulakyté, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
12.11.13 - 16.11.13Chipot, Michel
Dr. Neringa Kloviene, Vilnius University (Vilnius)
12.11.13 - 16.11.13Chipot, Michel
Prof. Dr. Konstantinas Pileckas, Vilnius University
Talk: Spatial asymptotics for the time-periodic Stokes problem in an infinite layer
12.11.13 - 16.11.13Chipot, Michel
Sakie Suzuki, Kyoto University (Kyoto)
11.11.13 - 18.12.13Beliakova, Anna
Dr. Per Alexandersson, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
10.11.13 - 14.11.13Féray, Valentin
Dr. Philip Isett, MIT (Boston)
Talk: Hoelder continuous Euler flows
10.11.13 - 12.11.13De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Kristian Ranestad, University of Oslo (Oslo)
Talk: Varieties of sums of powers of a cubic 4-folds
08.11.13 - 11.11.13Kresch, Andrew
Prof. Dr. Jan S. Hesthaven, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (Lausanne)
Talk: On the stability of the Parareal method for wave problems
07.11.13 - 08.11.13Sauter, Stefan
Prof. Dr. Matthias Birkner, Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität, Institut für Mathematik (Mainz)
Talk: Directed random walk on an oriented percolation cluster
06.11.13 - 07.11.13Bolthausen, Erwin
Prof. Dr. Frank-Olaf Schreyer, Universität des Saarlandes (Saarbrücken)
Talk: Tate resolution and coherent sheaf cohomology
03.11.13 - 05.11.13Ayoub, Joseph
Prof. Dr. Tom Sideris, UCSB (Santa Barbara)
Talk: Spreading of the Free Boundary of an Ideal Fluid Surrounded by Vacuum
03.11.13 - 10.11.13Chipot, Michel
Prof. Dr. Guillaume Carlier, Ceremade, Université Paris Dauphine (Paris)
Talk: Wasserstein barycenters: theory, numerics and applications
31.10.13 - 01.11.13Chipot, Michel
Dror Bar-Natan, University of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Talk: Informal Talks on the Topology, Combinatorics, and Low and High Algebra of w-Knots
29.10.13 - 31.10.13Beliakova, Anna
Guillaume Dubach, Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris)
28.10.13 - 31.10.13Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Prof. Dr. Tamás Szamuely, Alfréd Rényi Institute (Budapest)
Talk: Tori over a p-adic function field
27.10.13 - 29.10.13Ayoub, Joseph
Svetlana Matculevich, Universität of Jyväskylä (Jyväskyla)
25.10.13 - 22.12.13Sauter, Stefan
Prof. Dr. Herbert Koch, Institut für Mathematik, Universität Bonn (Bonn)
24.10.13 - 26.10.13Kappeler, Thomas
Prof. Dr. Francesco Maggi, University of Texas (Austin)
23.10.13 - 27.10.13De Lellis, Camillo
Dr. Mahir Hadzic, King's College London (London)
Talk: Stability of the FLRW Solutions to the Dust-Einstein System with a Positive Cosmological Constant
21.10.13 - 27.10.13De Lellis, Camillo
Omar Tout, Université Bordeaux
21.10.13 - 02.11.13Féray, Valentin
Prof. Dr. Laurent Fargues, Jussieu (Paris)
Talk: The fundamental curve of p-adic Hodge theory
20.10.13 - 22.10.13Ayoub, Joseph
Prof. Dr. Thomas Mikosch, Kopenhagen University (Kopenhagen)
Talk: Measuring extremal dependence in financial time series
18.10.13 - 18.10.13Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Prof. Dr. Sergei Buyalo, Steklov Mathematical Institute (St. Petersburg, Russland)
17.10.13 - 16.11.13Schroeder, Viktor
Prof. Dr. Monique Jeanblanc, Université d'Évry-Val d'Essonne (Évry)
Talk: Arbitrages and NUPBR and progressive enlargement of filtrations
17.10.13 - 19.10.13Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Prof. Dr. Constantinos Kardaras, London School of Economics (London)
Talk: Equilibrium in risk-sharing games
17.10.13 - 19.10.13Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Prof. Dr. Philip Protter, Statistics Department, Columbia University (New York)
Talk: A Mathematical Nuance that Profoundly Affects Economics
17.10.13 - 20.10.13Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Dr. Alexander Veit, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
Talk: Adaptive Time Discretization for Retarded Potentials
16.10.13 - 18.10.13Sauter, Stefan
Prof. Dr. Wei-Kuo Chen, Department of Mathematics, University of Chicago (Chicago)
Talk: On Gaussian inequalities for product of functions
14.10.13 - 08.11.13Bolthausen, Erwin
Daniel Ketover, Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT (Massachuset)
Talk: Degeneration of min-max sequences in 3-manifolds
12.10.13 - 19.10.13De Lellis, Camillo
Dr. Alberto Maspero, SISSA (Trieste)
10.10.13 - 11.10.13Kappeler, Thomas
Dr. Victor Rivero, CIMAT (Guanajuato, Mexico)
Talk: Quasi-stationary distributions and Yaglom limits for self-similar Markov processes
09.10.13 - 10.10.13Bertoin, Jean
Prof. Dr. Jarod Alper, ANU / Humboldt Universität (Canberra, Australia)
07.10.13 - 12.10.13Kresch, Andrew
Dr. Dirk Zeindler, Lancaster University (Lancaster)
07.10.13 - 12.10.13Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Prof. Dr. Pierre Germain, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University (New York)
Talk: Weakly nonlinear, big box limit for the nonlinear Schroedinger equation on the torus
06.10.13 - 09.10.13Kappeler, Thomas
Prof. Dr. Olivier Babelon, LPTHE, Université Paris VI (Paris)
04.10.13 - 04.10.13Kappeler, Thomas
Dr. Nicolas Broutin, Projet RAP, Inria Paris-Rocquencourt (Les Chesnay)
Talk: The scaling limit of the minimum spanning tree of a complete graph
02.10.13 - 03.10.13Bertoin, Jean
Zheng Zhi Man,
30.09.13 - 20.10.13De Lellis, Camillo
Dr. Silvia Falletta, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
29.09.13 - 05.10.13Sauter, Stefan
Prof. Dr. Pierre-Loic Méliot, Département de Mathématiques, Université d'Orsay (Orsay)
27.09.13 - 30.09.13Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Prof. Dr. Catherine Bandle, Universität Basel (Basel)
26.09.13 - 26.09.13Chipot, Michel
Prof. Dr. Yoshi Kabeya, Osaka Prefecture University (Sakai)
Talk: A unified approach to nonlinear elliptic problems on a spherical cap or on the hyperbolic space
26.09.13 - 26.09.13Chipot, Michel
Prof. Dr. Victor Turchin,
25.09.13 - 28.09.13Willwacher, Thomas
Prof. Dr. Christian Blanchet, Université Paris 7 (France)
22.09.13 - 26.09.13Beliakova, Anna
Prof. Dr. Bernd Kirchheim, Universitaet Leipzig (Leipzig)
Talk: Contractions and isometries
22.09.13 - 25.09.13De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Yingfei Yi, School of Mathematics, Georgia Tech (Atlanta)
21.09.13 - 29.09.13Kappeler, Thomas
Dror Bar-Natan, University of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
18.09.13 - 19.09.13Cattaneo, Alberto
Prof. Dr. Nicola Guglielmi, University of L'Aquila (L'Aquila)
Talk: A novel method to compute Lyapunov exponents of switched linear systems
16.09.13 - 10.12.13Sauter, Stefan
Prof. Dr. Alexander Vandenberg-Rodes, University of California (Irvine)
Talk: The Lee-Yang theorem in probability and statistical physics
16.09.13 - 06.10.13Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Prof. Dr. Arup Bose, Statistics and Mathematics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute (Kolkata, India)
14.09.13 - 17.09.13Bolthausen, Erwin
Dr. Grzegorz Kapustka, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
06.09.13 - 12.09.13Kapustka, Michal
Prof. Dr. Andrew Barbour, (Australia)
26.08.13 - 02.09.13Barbour, Andrew
Prof. Dr. Andrei Teleman, Aix-Marseille Université (Marseille)
24.08.13 - 29.08.13Okonek, Christian
Prof. Dr. Laszlo Székelyhidi, Universität Leipzig (Leipzig)
21.08.13 - 31.08.13De Lellis, Camillo
Hoel Queffelec, Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris)
Talk: Khovanov homology is a skew Howe 2-representation of categorified quantum slm
18.08.13 - 23.08.13Beliakova, Anna
Aaron Lauda, Columbia University (New York)
16.08.13 - 22.08.13Beliakova, Anna
Prof. Dr. Yuri Tschinkel, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University (New York)
05.08.13 - 08.08.13Kresch, Andrew
Dr. Mathilde Bouvel, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
18.07.13 - 26.07.13Institut für Mathematik,
Prof. Dr. Valentin Féray, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
18.07.13 - 26.07.13Institut für Mathematik,
Dr. Zaur Guliyev, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
08.07.13 - 10.07.13Beliakova, Anna
Dr. Bjarki Eldon, Institut für Mathematik, TU Berlin (Berlin)
Talk: Multiple merger coalescent processes and inference
01.07.13 - 01.07.13Bertoin, Jean
Dr. Vaibhav Vaish, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
Talk: Weightless cohomology of algebraic varieties
01.07.13 - 05.07.13Ayoub, Joseph
Prof. Dr. Amaury Lambert, Collége de France & UPMC Univ. Paris 6 (Paris)
Talk: Coalescent point processes and phylogenies
30.06.13 - 02.07.13Bertoin, Jean
Prof. Dr. Aurélien Tellier, WZW, Technische Universität München (München)
Talk: Plant ecology influences population genetics: the role of seed banks in structuring genetic diversity
30.06.13 - 01.07.13Bertoin, Jean
Prof. Dr. Peter Müller, Department of Mathematics, UT Austin (Austin)
23.06.13 - 29.06.13Furrer, Reinhard
Prof. Dr. Gary Rosner, John Hopkins Division of Biostatistics & Bioinformatics (Baltimore)
23.06.13 - 29.06.13Furrer, Reinhard
Xiangping Hu, Department of Mathematical Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (7491 Trondheim, Norway)
17.06.13 - 22.06.13Furrer, Reinhard
Dr. Florian Rabe, Jacobs University, (Bremen)
17.06.13 - 22.06.13Dehaye, Paul-Olivier
Dr. Quan Shi, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
17.06.13 - 18.06.13Bertoin, Jean
Dr. Lassina Dembélé, University of Warwick (Warwick)
Talk: Examples of abelian surfaces with everywhere good reduction
16.06.13 - 23.06.13Kresch, Andrew
Prof. Dr. Carsten Carstensen, Institut für Mathematik, Humboldt-Universität Berlin (Berlin)
14.06.13 - 19.06.13Sauter, Stefan
Prof. Dr. Nicolas Curien, Equipe Probabilités et Statistique, Université Paris-Sud Orsay (Orsay)
Talk: Random stable looptrees and percolation on random planar maps
13.06.13 - 14.06.13Bertoin, Jean
Dr. Mark Silberstein, Israel Institute of Technology (Technion Israel)
10.06.13 - 07.07.13Rosenthal, Joachim
Dr. Natalia Silberstein, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa, Israel)
Talk: New Lower Bounds for Constant Dimension Codes
10.06.13 - 07.07.13Rosenthal, Joachim
Dr. Patrick Hoscheit, Mathématiques, équipe Probabilités appliquées, CERMICS (Paris)
Talk: Properties of the ISE and applications to the Brownian Map
06.06.13 - 07.06.13Bertoin, Jean
Prof. Dr. Leo Storme, Universität Gent (Gent, Belgien)
05.06.13 - 07.06.13Rosenthal, Joachim
Prof. Dr. Alicia Roca Martinez, Universidad Politécnica de Valéncia (Valencia)
04.06.13 - 28.06.13Rosenthal, Joachim
Prof. Dr. Joan-Josep Climent, University of Alicante (Spain)
02.06.13 - 31.07.13Rosenthal, Joachim
Dr. Gabriel Koch, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
31.05.13 - 10.06.13De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Yuri Tschinkel, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University (New York)
31.05.13 - 02.06.13Kresch, Andrew
Dr. Jérémie Bettinelli, Equipe Probabilités et statistiques, Institut Elie Cartan de Lorraine (F-Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy )
Talk: Planar Maps with Arbitrary Genus
29.05.13 - 31.05.13Bertoin, Jean
Prof. Dr. Matteo Focardi, Università di Firenze (Florenz)
28.05.13 - 02.06.13De Lellis, Camillo
Dr. Emanuele Spadaro, Max Planck Institute, Leipzig (Leipzig)
28.05.13 - 02.06.13De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Dan Edidin, University of Missouri (Columbia, MO)
Talk: Riemann-Roch for Deligne-Mumford stacks
27.05.13 - 03.06.13Kresch, Andrew
Dr. Dirk Zeindler, Lancaster University (Lancaster)
27.05.13 - 01.06.13Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Prof. Dr. Jens Zumbrägel, ETH Lausanne (Lausanne)
Talk: On the Function Field Sieve and the Impact of Higher Splitting Probabilities
26.05.13 - 30.05.13Rosenthal, Joachim
Dr. Gourab Ray, Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, University of Cambridge (Cambridge)
Talk: Half planar and Unicellular Maps
25.05.13 - 28.05.13Bolthausen, Erwin
Dr. Michael Kiermaier, Universität Bayreuth (Bayreuth, Deutschland)
Talk: Intersection numbers of q-analogs of designs
24.05.13 - 29.05.13Rosenthal, Joachim
Ilya Goldsheid, Queen Mary University (London)
21.05.13 - 25.05.13Bolthausen, Erwin
Prof. Dr. Reiner Schätzle, Eberhard Karls Univerisität Tübingen (Tübingen)
17.05.13 - 18.05.13De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hackbusch, Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften, Leipzig (Leipzig)
Talk: Numerical Treatment of Tensors
15.05.13 - 17.05.13Sauter, Stefan
Prof. Dr. Massimiliano Berti, SISSA (Trieste)
14.05.13 - 18.05.13Kappeler, Thomas
Santosh Nadimpalli, University of Paris 11 Orsay (Paris)
14.05.13 - 14.05.13Ayoub, Joseph
Prof. Dr. Vincent Rivoirard, Université Paris Dauphine (Paris)
14.05.13 - 15.05.13Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Prof. Dr. Carsten Carstensen, Institut für Mathematik, Humboldt-Universität Berlin (Berlin)
07.05.13 - 11.05.13Sauter, Stefan
Prof. Dr. Alexander Schmitt, Freie Universitat Berlin (Berlin)
Talk: Regions of stability parameters for decorated bundles
06.05.13 - 07.05.13Okonek, Christian
Prof. Dr. Andrei Teleman, Aix-Marseille Université (Marseille)
06.05.13 - 10.05.13Okonek, Christian
Dr. Armindo da Costa, Mathematics Institute, The University of Warwick (Warwick)
05.05.13 - 15.05.13Kappeler, Thomas
Prof. Dr. Harry Tamvakis, University of Maryland (College Park, MD)
29.04.13 - 06.05.13Kresch, Andrew
Prof. Dr. Alessandro Chiodo, Jussieu (Paris)
Talk: Spin curves and ghost automorphisms
28.04.13 - 30.04.13Ayoub, Joseph
Prof. Dr. Nick Trefethen, University of Oxford (Oxford)
Talk: The exponentially convergent trapezoid rule -- history and surprisingly many applications
24.04.13 - 26.04.13Sauter, Stefan
Prof. Dr. Enno Lenzmann, Mathematisches Institut, Universität Basel (Basel)
23.04.13 - 23.04.13Kappeler, Thomas
Prof. Dr. Georg Schumacher, Philipps-Universität Marburg (Marburg)
Talk: Moduli of canonically polarized varieties
21.04.13 - 24.04.13Ayoub, Joseph
Prof. Dr. Andrew Barbour, (Australia)
20.04.13 - 23.04.13Barbour, Andrew
Dr. Silvia Falletta, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
Talk: A time-dependent absorbing boundary condition for the numerical solution of exterior wave equation problems
15.04.13 - 19.04.13Sauter, Stefan
Dr. Artan Sheshmani, MPIM (Bonn)
Talk: S-duality and modularity of torsion sheaves
15.04.13 - 16.04.13Ayoub, Joseph
Dr. Claude Sabbah, Centre de Mathématiques Laurent Schwartz (Palaiseau)
Talk: On the irregular Hodge filtration
07.04.13 - 08.04.13Ayoub, Joseph
Prof. Dr. Paolo A. Vettori, Dep. of Mathematics, University of Aveiro (Aveiro, Portugal)
07.04.13 - 31.07.13Rosenthal, Joachim
Dr. Florian Schätz, Aarhus Universitet (Utrecht)
06.04.13 - 19.04.13Cattaneo, Alberto
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Schmidt, Dept. of Mathematics, Chemnitz University of Technology (Chemnitz)
01.04.13 - 30.06.13Bolthausen, Erwin
Dr. Jean-Christophe Mourrat, Mathematics Department, ENS Lyon (Lyon)
Talk: Aging of spin glasses: the case of the random energy model
27.03.13 - 27.03.13Bertoin, Jean
Dr. Alejandro Cabrera, Departamento de Matematica Aplicada, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro)
24.03.13 - 27.03.13Cattaneo, Alberto
Prof. Dr. Grégory Miermont, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Unité de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées (Lyon)
Talk: Scaling limits of random maps in higher genera
20.03.13 - 21.03.13Bertoin, Jean
Prof. Dr. Tom Koornwinder, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Talk: Orthogonal polynomials in several variables potentially useful in pde
19.03.13 - 22.03.13Sauter, Stefan
Delphine Moussard, Université de Grenoble (Grenoble)
18.03.13 - 22.03.13Beliakova, Anna
Dr. Fernando Hernando, Universidad Jaume I (Castello de la Plana, Spain)
Talk: On the classification of PN and APN Monomial Functions
17.03.13 - 20.03.13Rosenthal, Joachim
Prof. Dr. Ofer Zeitouni, University of Minnesota and Weizmann Institute
15.03.13 - 17.03.13Bolthausen, Erwin
Prof. Dr. Ralph Neininger, J.W. Goethe-Universität, Institut für Mathematik (Frankfurt)
Talk: On a functional contraction method
13.03.13 - 13.03.13Bertoin, Jean
Prof. Dr. Jaroslaw Buczynski, Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Warszawa)
12.03.13 - 19.03.13Kapustka, Michal
Prof. Dr. Slawomir Cynk, Jagiellonian University (Krakow)
Talk: Computing Picard-Fuchs operators for certain Calabi-Yau threefolds
10.03.13 - 14.03.13Ayoub, Joseph
Prof. Dr. Omer Angel, Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia (Vancouver)
Talk: Half planar random maps
06.03.13 - 07.03.13Bertoin, Jean
Dr. Lucy Weggler, Universität des Saarlandes (Germany)
Talk: Finite Element Spaces: Functional Analysis meets Differential Geometry
06.03.13 - 08.03.13Sauter, Stefan
Prof. Dr. Zhan Shi, Laboratoire de Probabilités, Université Paris VI (Paris)
Talk: Branching random walks and martingales
27.02.13 - 28.02.13Bertoin, Jean
Prof. Dr. Florian Ivorra, Université de Rennes
25.02.13 - 01.03.13Ayoub, Joseph
Dr. Filip Najman, University of Zagreb (Zagreb)
25.02.13 - 01.03.13Kresch, Andrew
Prof. Dr. Michael Polyak, Technion (Haifa)
25.02.13 - 01.03.13Beliakova, Anna
Prof. Dr. Julien Sebag, Université de Rennes (Rennes Cedex)
25.02.13 - 01.03.13Ayoub, Joseph
Prof. Dr. Andrei Teleman, Aix-Marseille Université (Marseille)
24.02.13 - 02.03.13Okonek, Christian
Prof. Dr. Michiel van den Berg, School of Mathematics, University of Bristol (Bristol)
20.02.13 - 27.02.13Kappeler, Thomas
Prof. Dr. Heide Gluesing-Luerssen, University of Kentucky (USA)
Talk: Fourier-reflexive Partitions and the MacWilliams Identity
19.02.13 - 15.03.13Rosenthal, Joachim
Prof. Dr. Roberto Zucchini, INFN (Bologna)
17.02.13 - 23.02.13Cattaneo, Alberto
Dr. Grzegorz Kapustka, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
Talk: Calabi-Yau threefolds in P^6
05.02.13 - 26.02.13Kapustka, Michal
Yichao Huang, Ecole Normale Superieure (Paris)
01.02.13 - 08.02.13Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Dr. Robin Koytcheff, Brown University (Providence RI)
Talk: Homotopy Bott-taubes integrals and the Milnor triple linking number
29.01.13 - 02.02.13Cattaneo, Alberto
Prof. Dr. Dario Bambusi, Università degli Studi di Milano (Milano)
28.01.13 - 30.01.13Kappeler, Thomas
Prof. Dr. Thierry Paul, Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris)
27.01.13 - 30.01.13Kappeler, Thomas
Dr. Dirk Zeindler, Lancaster University (Lancaster)
18.01.13 - 28.01.13Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Prof. Dr. Valentin Féray, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
07.01.13 - 10.01.13Institut für Mathematik,