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Jahr: 201820172016201520142013201220112010

Masterarbeiten 2017

NrAutor / TitelModulverantwortlichMSc in
1-2017Graziani, GiuseppeDe Lellis, CamilloMathematics
On the Stability of the Nabelpunktsatz
2-2017Salvini, Chiara AgneseRosenthal, JoachimMathematics
Algorithmic methods to efficiently solve quadratic equations
3-2017Müller, Christian Thomas BenediktHothorn, TorstenBiostatistics
The Linear Transformation Model under Test
4-2017Weger, ViolettaRosenthal, JoachimMathematics
A Code-Based Cryptosystem using GRS codes
5-2017Götz, BeatriceBertoin, JeanMathematics
Selected properties of random recursive trees and their destruction
6-2017Brunner, MirjamFéray, ValentinMathematics
Projective Representations of Symmetric Groups
7-2017Kaufmann, MarcoPuhan, MiloBiostatistics
Mediation analysis of the effect of occupational UGDF exposure on mortality mediated through the lung
8-2017Meier, AndreaFurrer, ReinhardBiostatistics
Risk factor study of pododermatitis in rabbits using additive Bayesian networks
9-2017Schuster, ThimoFurrer, ReinhardBiostatistics
mrbsizerR - Scale space multiresolution analysis in R
10-2017Egger, MarcFéray, ValentinMathematics
Permutation pattern matching and induced subgraph isomorphism
11-2017Brunnhofer, UrsinaFurrer, ReinhardMathematics
Identification of key data in stationary hospital bed-utilisation and application of queueing theory on optimal bed-occupancy
12-2017Noll, SamuelFurrer, ReinhardMathematics
Two- and three-class ROC analysis. A comparison of statistical tests.
13-2017Steffen, VerenaHothorn, TorstenBiostatistics
Transformation Forests for Right-Censored Data
14-2017Neukom, TobiasNikeghbali, AshkanMathematics
The Malliavin Calculus and Calculation of Greeks
15-2017Frei, AnjaSauter, StefanMathematics
A fractional integration by parts formula with an application to convolution integrals
16-2017Vukovic, MarijaNikeghbali, AshkanMathematics
Robust represenation of convex risk measures
17-2017Hug, DavidSchroeder, ViktorMathematics
Tits Rigidity
18-2017Grüninger, ServanFurrer, ReinhardBiostatistics
Does the Blue Bird Get the Flu? - Using Twitter for Flu Surveillance
19-2017Rosso, TaniaBertoin, JeanMathematics
Basic Probability Models for DNA Sequence Evolution
20-2017Graf, ClaudiaKappeler, ThomasMathematics
On the frequency map of the defocusing NLS equation
21-2017Fritschi, Barbara ElisabethNikeghbali, AshkanMathematics
Large Deviations - Introduction and Examples
22-2017Schraven, SeverinKappeler, ThomasMathematics
The KdV equation on spaces of quasi periodic finite gap potentials
23-2017Reeve, KellyHeld, LeonhardBiostatistics
Spatio-temporal forecasting for infectious disease count data
24-2017Gubser, NicoleRosenthal, JoachimMathematics
Applications of Chinese Remainder Codes in Cryptography
25-2017Traber, ReginaPorta, MarcelloMathematics
On the mean field dynamics of interacting fermionic systems
26-2017Payne, Megan AprilHothorn, TorstenBiostatistics
Likelihood-based Booting in Transformation Models
27-2017Orlovic, VladicaNikeghbali, AshkanMathematics
Random Graphs: The Erdös-Rényi Random Graph and the Preferential Attachment Model
28-2017Noser, HelenaBertoin, JeanMathematics
On Fluctuations of Maxima
29-2017Anthitsis, GeorgiosSchroeder, ViktorMathematics
On Quasi-Isometric Extensions of Möbius Maps for Complete and Almost Geodesically Complete CAT(-1) Spaces
30-2017Neumann, MarkusSauter, StefanMathematics
Hierarchical Matrices - An Implementation in Python
31-2017Fallegger, AnjaFurrer, ReinhardMathematics
Extension of the zero-inflated hierarchical models in the eggCounts package
32-2017Schleiniger, Marco RetoFurrer, ReinhardBiostatistics
Stan implementation of a parametric bootstrapping procedure for additive Bayesian network analysis
33-2017Vera, BenjaminSchroeder, ViktorMathematics
Heegaard Distance
34-2017Herzog, LisaSick, BeateBiostatistics
Image based classification using Convolutional Neural Networks for stroke detection
35-2017Flury, RomanFurrer, ReinhardBiostatistics
Multiresolution Decomposition of Incomplete Random Signals - A Statistical Application of Sparse Matrix Calculus
36-2017Rossinelli, GiuliaSchroeder, ViktorMathematics
The CAT(O) Property for Extensions of Right-Angled Coxeter Groups
37-2017Mihali, RobertBertoin, JeanMathematics
Asymptotic Behavior of Large Components in Near-critical Random Graphs
38-2017Borsari, LarissaKresch, AndrewMathematics
Actions of 0-Hecke algebras on ribbon tableaux
39-2017Polysopoulos, ChristosFurrer, ReinhardBiostatistics
Cardiac Surgery and Blood Transfusion Products. What Does Really Matter?
40-2017Elriedy, Amr Abduo ElsayedRobinson, Mark D.Biostatistics
A comparison between isoforms clustering methods for PacBio sequencing data and the development of a unique clustering pipeline